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Welcome to the online SINGING TUTORIAL Winter 2021-2022, Corona-friendly

It is now, Winter 2021-2022, we have the opportunity to think new and nourish ourselves in ways other than we usually do. You can use Zoom / Skype / Facetime.

I make myself available over the internet with singing lessons and coaching in terms of voice training and joy of life.

Over the internet you are in your own space, and to get the most out of it, it is important you can be there undisturbed. So it's a gift to give yourself, to arrange it in the finest way.

Your specific needs will be met, and we will arrange the lesson according to exactly where you are right now. Everything can be done in terms of voice and its possibilities, and this is the perfect time now, if you want to devote time to developing yourself and your potential.

At the same time, you strengthen both your immune system and your mindset; if there is any fear lurking, we can support with lots of love to give it all space in the song and presence. And as you step forward in your life, you can help spread joy around you and lift the energy - that is really needed right now.

Book here

Gift Card can be designed specially for you if you wanna give a course as a Christmas gift.

Welcome to call: +45 22 195 888 or write to: for further information and agreement.

Lots of happy greetings!

Hanne Siboni


Hanne Siboni
Sangundervisning og korsang
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