Yoga & Aromatherapy Workshop indulging all senses

11/05/2019 - 13:00

Yoga & Aromatherapy

Lørdag d. 11. maj kl. 13.00-15.30

With Shauna & Amelie.

Indulge your senses and heighten your practice with a combined yoga and essential oils workshop, where aromatherapy will be incorporated into a 90 minute practice, followed by a 60 minute class on the power of essential oils

You will be welcomed with a refreshing drink infused with essential oils to wake up your senses.
The theme will then be to work through a well-balanced yoga practice where we will use essential oils to deepen the effect of the poses and enhance the experience. The pace will flow from energizing, to strengthening to calming. As we gently move through poses changing the energy several times, different essential oils are integrated topically and aromatically to complement the desired effects of the movement and breath. We end the class with a nice guided relaxation leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.
The combination of yoga and essential oils help the body and mind move toward a holistic state of balance. The pace is set for all levels, so beginners and advanced yogis are welcomed alike.

After a short break we will sit together and learn more about what essential oils are, and the different ways to use them. We will experience 10 of the most beneficial oils to detox your home, manage your mood and set the foundation for discovering natural remedies. The workshop will finish with some delicious essential oil infused treats, and a gift to take home!

Shaunas teachingt on essentail oils will be in English, Amelies yoga class will be either in Danish or English or bilingual depending on participants.

*As essential oils are concentrated botanicals, please advise us if you have any sensitivities or are pregnant.

TID: Lørdag d. 11. maj, kl 13.00-15.30

PRIS: 325,- kr. eller 4 klip




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Yoga & Aromatherapy Workshop indulging all senses Blå himmel Yoga Østerbro Amelie Wahl Shauna Matkovich