The whole Body - from the feet up - improve your health, body and yoga starting with your feet

27/10/2018 - 13:00

The whole body – from the feet up

1/4 of our bones are in our feet. More than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments; 26 bones and 33 joints.

We stand on them, put pressure on them, and use our feet every day. Yet our feet are one of the most stationary part of our body. Inflexible, weak and imbalanced ankles and feet lead to bad knees and bad hips. Bad lower body leads to poor body posture and upper body pain.

So how do we train the arches of our feet? Why do I get bunion toes? How do we get strong ankles? How does training our feet help with knee problems? And why does the feet have everything to do with back, knee, and even shoulder pains and problems?

In this workshop we will study the relationship between our foot muscles and our knees, hips and the rest of the body and learn exercises that you can do at home. We will also go a little bit into what you can do with specific knee and hip issues (hints: it has something to do with your feet and ankles!)

No pre-requisites but an open mind.

Sandy is a Student of yoga, a nerd of movements.

She is a certified teacher of Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa and Therapeutic yoga. Sandy has been following international teachers like Jason Crandall, Ross Rayburn, Meghan Currie and Jordan Bloom in her pursuit of studying the human movements.

DATE&TIME: Saturday 27th October 13.00-16.00

PLACE: Blå himmel Yoga, Strandboulevarden 75, 2100 København Ø

PRICE: 300,- kr.



Sisse Siegumfeldt, Yogalærer

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The whole Body - from the feet up with Sandy TszYan Leung Blå himmel Yoga Østerbro improve your health, body and yoga startinbg with your feet