Unwind and Decompress - Yoga against Stress with Sandy TszYan Leung

15/09/2018 - 13:00


In our everyday life we spend much of our time achieving, excelling and performing. We train ourselves to work better, faster, we train our bodies so they can be stronger and healthier. We take rest for granted.

But the simple truth is that not achieving, not doing, and just being, is essential to human being´s growth and happiness. Deeply relaxing is also necessary in order to perform in the long run. More and more people get anxiety and stress collaps, and our general well-being is halted unless we prioritize to deeply relax.

However, just like training our muscles, we can train our nervous system to switch gear faster and easier. In this workshop we will combine various practices that helps you to promote the “Rest and Digest” functions in our bodies and brains.

In this 3 hours workshop we will go through exercises including:


Restorative movements & poses

Progressive muscle relaxation

Mindfulness meditation

Breathing exercises


You will get supported materials to take these exercises home and practice in your everyday life.

No pre-requisites but an open mind required.


About Sandy

Student of yoga, nerd of movements.

Sandy is a certified instructor in Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa and Therapeutic yoga. Sandy has been following international teachers like Jason Crandall, Ross Rayburn, Meghan Currie and Jordan Bloom in her pursuit of studying the human movements.

DATE&TIME: Saturday 15th September 13.00-16.00

PLACE: Blå himmel Yoga, Strandboulevarden 75, 2100 København Ø

PRICE: 300,- kr.

BOOKING: https://www.blaahimmelyoga.dk/produkt/unwind-and-decompress-yoga-against-stress-sandy-tszyan-leung-d-15-9/


Sisse Siegumfeldt, Yogalærer
mail: info@blaahimmelyoga.dk

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Unwind and Decompress - Yoga against Stress with Sandy TszYan Leung Blå himmel Yoga Østerbro