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Transforming with supreme light with Don Hanson

04/05/2019 - 10:00
After Don's incredible visit in Denmark in November 2018, we are so happy to be able to invite him for a second round of powerful and liberating enlightenment and cleansing.
Transforming Cellular Memory is the process of taking the body/mind through deep cellular purification and metamorphosis. This is created through sitting in a transmission of divine light, allowing this energy of universal intelligence to clear out the old cloaks of old programming and awaken the sacred nature of who we truly are.

During a training workshop, divine energy flows through the body.

This energy is so powerful it sources and dissolves the fear-based epigenetic blueprints that are blocking your divine potential in this lifetime.

There are many ancient traditions that work to understand and incorporate this energy, such as the Martial Arts, Qigong, Tai Chi or Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is understood by the ancient wise masters of Chi in the East, and studied through the Dantien (or Energy Center) in Taoism. But what is unique to Transforming Cellular Memory and its exploration of this wisdom, is how it takes the mastery of energy BEYOND just the ‘art of combat’ or ‘the study of meridians’ and into the flow of your everyday life and relationships.
As this Light dislodges old imprints of fear and tension from your cells, you may move through layers of emotional memory as the imprints work their way to the surface. This is normal and healthy and there’s nothing you need to do to assist this healing process other than to keep your body, mind and emotions wide open. Donald and the Light will do the rest.
Weekend workshop is on 
Saturday the 4. of may from 10.00-17.00
Sunday the 5. th og may from 10.00-16.00
Price : 2250,- fot both days including lunch and snack

Place: Niyama Yogacenter - Østergade 1M - 3600 Frederissund

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Workshop wirh Don Hanson