A tough one to swallow - af Barbara Berger

Here's a tough one to swallow - it's our problems and crises and pains and all the stuff that brings us to our knees that wakes us up! Oh shit... yeah I know... and if this is true, why does it have to be like this? I really don't know, but I've discovered that Life teaches us whatever we need to know... and usually we only learn when it's the hard way. Wouldn't it be nice if we could learn compassion and kindness from success and fame and fortune? But the thing is, when everything's going our way we usually just get more and more arrogant. Unfortunately. Who wouldn't love to learn the great lessons of life when everything's going great for them?

But it doesn't seem to work like this and this is a very tough one to swallow. It's first when the shit hits the fan and we're really in crisis that we slow down enough to start asking questions. It just seems that it's only when the first cracks of understanding break our hearts that we can open ourselves to the Light. So if you are down and out at the moment, you might want to remember that this is the kindness of Life showing itself to you in all its glory. And you might want to ask yourself - what is the gift of this crisis. Try to find 3 reasons why your life is better because of it.... it might surprise you. At least that's my experience.

See www.barbaraberger.typepad.com for more of my blogs. Lots of love to you today.


 Barbara Berger, forfatter, coach og underviser

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A tough one to swallow - af Barbara Berger