Strong & Mobile Workshop – Sandy TszYan Leung d. 19.5, København Ø

19/05/2018 - 13:00

Join Sandy for a 3 hours workshop to study, experience and program our bodies to the optimal movement patterns to find space and widen range of motion – according to science.

For years we have been chasing that stretch and flexibility. We have been told that stretching is good for us, it solves our pains and issues. But the fact is stretched muscle easily becomes weak muscle. And too much stretching creates its own set of problems different from non-stretched “stiff” muscles.


In this workshop we come to feel and understand that when we stretch, we are not in fact lengthening our muscles, but reprogramming our brains and tissue to tolerate more pain, effecticely numbing our senses. Drawing especially on Jules Mitchell’s research on stretching we will learn to stretch in a more sustainable way, improving strength, mobility and body awareness by moving within an active range.


If you are a stretch lover you may be going into a slight panic by now: If I don’ t stretch, how do I improve mobility? What is the difference between flexibility and mobility? How do I make sure these exercises I enjoy doing very much and want to keep doing are in fact, beneficial for me? Rest assured, the path to healthier movement is ahead and a lot of questions will be answered.


No pre-requisites but an open mind.


About Sandy: Student of yoga, nerd of movements and biomechanics. Sandy is trained in Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa and Therapeutic yoga. She has been following international teachers like Jason Crandall, Ross Rayburn, Meghan Currie and Jordan Bloom in her pursuit of understanding human movement.


Read more about Sandy her:


TIME: Saturday 19th May 13.00-16.00


PRICE: 300,- kr. or 4 clips




MEMBERS PAY: 250,- pay to Mobile Pay 26230917 and email (ONLY for members with a monthly subscription to Blå himmel Yoga)


Registration is binding.



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Strong & Mobile – Sandy TszYan Leung d. 19.5