Restorative Yoga, Tea and Scones

23/02/2019 - 13:00

Restorative Yoga and Afternoon Tea and Scones

DKK 375,00


Saturday 23th February 13.00-16.30

With Constanza Julio del Rio

PLACE: Blå himmel Yoga, Strandboulevarden 75, 2100 København Ø


Dark months can be quite hard to get through, day after day of missing the sunlight can affect us emotionally and also chemically. Lack of Vitamin D and outdoor life can result in sleep disorder, anxiety, and depression of varying degrees. Even winter lovers can be affected by changes in the body, mood, skin, etc.
Restorative Yoga can help you see the positive side of darkness, how to find stillness when your head is overworking and your body can’t keep up. In Restorative yoga you can find Space to heal and support yourself through winter and other challenges. If you don’t take the time to relax no one will do it for you Find the space to nourish your body with this Restorative Practice which will end with an hour of tea and delicious scones, jam and clotted cream, enjoyed in the yoga studios own cafe.
What will we be doing? 
We will be holding different very comfortable poses with the help of many props, to enter into the state of relaxation, following a sequence that will unwind and give yourself the time to soak in this practice.
After the yoga practice you will be served afternoon tea and scones with jam/clotted cream.
What do I need to bring? 
Warm and very very comfortable clothes, warm socks, your favourite blanket or scarf is optional, we do have plenty of props but there’s always a good option to bring an extra blankets with you. You know yourself better than anyone, so make sure you bring anything you might think will help you to relax more, a bottle of water is always a good idea.
About Constanza:
Constanza has been practicing and teaching Restorative for a long time, she has a steady daily Restorative practice, and she really believes in the benefits of this type of Yoga. She will help you to go through the practice at all times, she will be supporting and giving you the space to recover.
Everyone is welcome, even if you have never done Yoga before or if you are an advanced practitioner.

This workshop is in English.

TIME: Saturday 23th February 13.00-16.30

PRICE: 375,-

PLACE: Blå himmel Yoga, Strandboulevarden 75, 2100 København Ø



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Restorative Yoga, Tea and Scones with Constanza Julio del Rio Blå himmel Yoga Østerbro