Mænd er det mest undertrykte køn - 2. del - af Tim Ray

Siden jeg lagde 1. del af dette indlæg på min Web site www.beamteam.com har jeg fået nogle fantastiske tilbagemeldinger fra mænd i både ind- og udland der tilkendegiver hvor stort og smertefuldt et problem dette er for dem. Blandt andet har jeg modtaget følgende digt fra Yves, der arbejder med mænds indre liv i en mandegruppe i Irland. Dette smukke (og hjerteskærende) digt siger det hele meget bedre end jeg nogensinde vil kunne. Manderevolutionen er begyndt! Er der ikke nogle flere mænd (og kvinder) der vil være med?


Because all too often

Man’s work is more important than who he is

And what he earns becomes what he is worth

And his career is more important than his family

And when he is sacked or retired he becomes useless

And he must pretend to be on top and push others down

And has to be strong and responsible and not care about hurts

And never cry or show any vulnerability in order not to be picked on

And the only way to escape from being a victim is to become a bully

And our confusion between sex and closeness isolates us from each other

And alienates us from women

And causes us to feel shame and manipulated

And we must go to war or be branded coward

And must kill or be killed

And torture and destroy and exploit and oppress

And obey orders and comply and compete for approval

And learn to use sex as a symbol of our strength

And perform even in our most intimate relationships

And if gay be fair game for ridicule, contempt, hatred and violence

And use women as objects to prove our manhood

And shout at children to feel powerful

And terrify others to deny our own fears

And struggle to support our families

And are cheated of the fruits of our labour

And spend most of our time away from the ones we love

And get ulcers and high blood pressure

And die of heart attacks or stress related diseases

Because of all these reasons

And any more you care to add

Dear Friends

I think it’s time

Before it’s too late

That we had a hard look

At who we really are

And what we really want

And how to claim back

Our full powers

And humanness

And build a real HuMans



- Yves A


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Mænd er det mest undertrykte køn - 2. del - af Tim Ray