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Free sessions: Sound Singing Laughter with Hanne Siboni, Refshaleøen

05/07/2020 - 14:00
05/07/2020 - 15:00

Welcome to the enormous healing power of joy!

Through voicing, singing and laughing you boost your immune system, and open for and expand your wonderful potential and creativity, here in a very loving embracing atmosphere.

This is also a celebration of life, part of a re-opening of the VoiceColour studio Gabriel's Gathering at the Theater Island, and an pre-invitation to join the new VoiceColour Forum, a membership based community to have consecutively life joy and singing in your life.

OBS: Sunday July 5th at 2pm-3pm on Reffen!
There is a bigger presentation event at Reffen, program here
So that day it will not be at Theater Island.

Sunday July 12th, 19th and 26th in Gabriel's Gathering:
2 sessions of a 1 hour program:
15:00: Life joy and sound with Hanne Siboni
16:00: Life joy and sound with Hanne Siboni

These sessions goes simultaneously with free sessions in our new uplifting and inspirational neighbor Nature Tales Vibroacustic Studio
I warmly recommend to combine your adventure in the two studios.

Sessions with Hanne Siboni are happening in the VoiceColour Studio: Gabriel's Gathering
Find your way here

Hanne Siboni
Mobile: 22 195 888


Facebook event here




Hanne Siboni
Sangundervisning og korsang
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Livsglæden i hele din krop vækkes gennem latterkursus og sangundervisning, her en smagsprøve på Voicecolour's kurser