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Free sessions: Sound Singing Laughter, Refshaleøen, by Hanne Siboni

28/06/2020 - 15:17

Hearty welcome to open sessions where you get a boost of vitality and new energy

Voicecolour by Hanne Siboni in the studio Gabriel's Gathering at Refshaleøen, Teaterøen invites you into a magic space of joyful co-creation. We open the voices in a playful way, and travel in sound and motions, ending up with a sound shower of voices and different instruments.

It can be very transformating and uplifting, and you might feel like more. So this can also be the doorway into a vocal group or workshop in VoiceColour regi.

Sunday june 28th there is 2 one hour sessions:



 More about singing here



Hanne Siboni
Sangundervisning og korsang
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Explore your voice, and join and create a joyful group energy, singing, laughing and sound healing universe