Foundations of Flow with Constanza del Rio 10.2, København Ø

10/02/2018 - 14:30

Saturday 10th February 14.30-17.00

With Constanza del Rio

Foundations of flow
In this very active workshop we will immerse ourselves in how to have a sustainable flow in our practice, sometimes we don’t have the required time to brake down the poses in a regular class, leaving many doubts in how we should be doing some poses or how safe they are for every different body or condition. We might have similar shapes, but we feel poses in completely different ways, sometimes we might experience some injuries or issues that we are aggravating or we are afraid of carry out because we don’t have enough information regarding modifications or alternatives to a pose.
The body we have won’t last for many years in a healthy level if we don’t look after it, that’s why we have the responsibility to take care of our bodies and have a safe practice.

Let’s break down the vinyasa to go deep into every pose (surya namaskara a), balancing the backbends with the forward bends, see possible variations, options for the different conditions, bodies and injuries, and get the most of this flow that is used in almost all modern yoga classes, knowing how to rest, receive the signals from our physical body and not take them for granted and open the space for conversation too.

You will learn and hopefully use this information in your own future practice, be able to develop some foundations skills, feel confident about this flow (surya namaskara a) and its options.

Not just for beginners, all levels welcome, with a very personal approach.

About Constanza…
She started in the silks and trapeze world, suffering from many injuries at a young age, she started practicing Yoga as a healing practice. After years of teaching and learning about anatomy This gave her the support to observe and ask herself ‘what do I see when I teach?’ discovering many unsafe patterns that create instability and pain in students.

‘I love that while doing workshops students can interrupt and ask questions and share with others in a different level..’

TIME: Saturday 10. February, 14.30-17.00

PRICE: 300,- kr. or 4 clips



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Foundations of Flow with Constanza del Rio 10.2