Finding time for YOU: Look between the lines in your calendar

How do we find time for exercise, fun and self-care - when we have a job, "tons" of house chores and maybe also kids and cats to take care of? I don't think there is a sole answer to the question - and there sure are lots of excuses for why we don't find the time - well, let's not stick to the excuses but the solutions:-) - and here's one from me:

My best tip ever - ever! - is a wonder-mix of 1. just do it and 2. think out of the box

Like yesterday, when my family and I spent a couple of hours at my in-laws. I really wanted to do some meditating yoga, and instead of giving up on the idea with a "well, it's Sunday and family day, better put it off until tomorrow", I chose to leave husband and kids behind an hour early.

Heading home, I anxiously looked forward to unfolding my yoga mat and enjoy the calming voice of Rikke Hansen and her must-have CD Mediterende Yoga:

Alright, the brat pack arrived before I had finished my yoga. My youngest one repeated after Rikke, just slightly exaggerating: Take a deeeeeep breath! - and then she giggled and ran away:-) Oh well, at that point I was so relaxed from my yoga, that I didn't get annoyed and had to laugh too...


There are vast possibilities for YOU hid between the lines in your calendar - where are yours?

Anne-Grete __________________________

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Finding time for YOU: Look between the lines in your calendar