Solid Air Meditation

How we meditate 

Let me explain a little about this form of meditation.                                                         When meditating together we use the connected energy field, the zero point field or the so called Solid Air as a gathering space. This energy field has a form of universal oneness that connects us all together. We use themes to help us enter common areas in this vast oneness. This means that we do not have to always sit together although this is nice. We can be connect to each other by using the Solid Air, even when sitting in different countries.                                                                                                                          When meditating in this way lets say with a theme like forests. Although we have a theme for our meditation this does not mean we sit and think about forests for 22 minutes. Its more like we sit relax and now and again in the meditation let our mind drift on to the theme watch or follow. always letting our thoughts flow. The themes are like the starting point of our meditation and they link us all together in the Solid Air.                                       Watch this space for times and themes.

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Solid Air Meditation