Follow your heart or do drugs...

Why do we drug ourselves?

Why are we afraid of life?

What happens when the drugs no longer work?           

The deeper inside my own heart I go, the more I listen to others, teach, coach and read, the more it is clear to me that in this time in our history; if we don’t follow our heart, it is so painful that we have to drug ourselves. It might sound harsh, but we have done it throughout history, when we no longer enjoyed but became addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, TV, food, sex and so on. But now there is an increase in the misuse of not just these but all the recreational drugs as well.

So it comes down to the decision of whether to follow your heart or drug yourself. I recommend it being a conscious choice, thereby you can consciously use drugs when you need it – there are some of the above that I am fond of in times of too much vulnerability – but you can do it consciously and thereby stay on your path.

And the following your heart is not some sort of fluffy and romantic thing – but just means going for what feels right to you. No fucking matter what that is. If you stay conscious and don’t numb yourself – you will know it. Your emotions, dreams and desires are your inner guidance system. Follow that inner wisdom even if it means breaking convention or doing something that you think others will dislike. Stay true to your heart and do it anyway. I promise you – you will be a great inspiration to others.

One of the biggest preventions that I encounter in coaching sessions are that we think so much of what others will feel or think, if we go for our truth. In reality we don’t know what they think or feel and - in my very personal experience from my recent divorce and other times - what first seems like hurting someone, might very well end up being the best gift, we could have given the other. The initial suffering comes from going against their expectation of us and therefore is only hurting their need for certainty – later  they will see the big picture and be freed themselves to do and be something unexpected.

To live an expected life is not just boring but very painful for the soul, the passionate child within.

And what do you think your spouse, child, parent or friend wants the most; you depressed and on drugs or to see you glow and be happy? If they truly love you, they will be thrilled to see you happy even if it means having to let you go. And your energy will rob off.

But lets be realistic in some cases the other will want to hold on to the old you – unfortunately unconditional love is not so common in our society. Then you have to make the difficult choice whether to stay (and do drugs) or leave them. I know lots of people who have chosen the first - although not so consciously. I choose the last always in deep respect and love for myself and the people around me.

As Mahatma Ghandi said; Be the change you want to see in the world. Follow your heart, change when desired – and watch the world transform with you.





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Follow your heart or do drugs...