Where in the world do we find happiness?

As a teen I started to wonder about the meaning of life - as you do at that age. It occurred to me that our each and every thought and act is intended to make us happy. But I was quite disheartened when looking at the general success rate for us humans achieving that.

This situation inspired me to search for a path to true happiness and sent me off to India and Nepal to study with some wonderful Buddhist teachers. I ended up living in Asia for several years and was blessed with meeting my wife at that time.

During those years I learned that we can all have happiness because it's within the very fabric of our nature. Love, peace, joy and wisdom is not something we can find outside of ourselves. We need only look within in order to acknowledge that these qualities are spontaneously present.

BUT - and there's a big BUT. Coming back to our natural home only happens through being committed to this goal and persistent in training. - But it's worth the effort once you feel everything vibrate full of life - like looking at the world through the eyes of a small child or falling in love for the first time - everything is fresh and alive.


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Discover you natual joy and wisdom through mindfulness