Trash Zen - 3 pieces of trash a day keep Sangsara at Bay!

It started one cloudy day this spring - my husband spontaneously picked up a piece of trash one day we were out walking and threw it in the nearest trash-bin. That made me think: What if I made picking up trash into part of my daily mindfulness-practice?

I have grown to know myself and my swaying will-power better over the years, so I decided on 3 pieces of trash as a number I had a fair chance of honoring (at least most days).

It is quite interesting to look at the feelings, emotions and thoughts that arise when you actually start picking up other people's trash!

What feelings and thoughts arise when you find yourself desperately looking for the nearest public  trash-bin carrying another person's sticky pizza-tray or soft drink-can?

What do you think other people would think of you?

What would your thoughts of yourself be?

What will your thoughts and emotions about the people who left the trash be?

What if we were hundreds, thousands, millions of people picking up 3 pieces of trash as part of our every-day mindfulness-practice? - Which energies from earth, water, wind, fire and the animals would you meet?

What impact will practicing Trash Zen have on our thougth-patterns, on our intention, on our relation to other fellow beings - human and animal - our cities, our oceans, the Planet?

Berit A. Faber, Eudaiku.





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Trash Zen - 3 pieces of trash a day keep Sangsara at Bay!