Conversation with my teacher - November 2020 + Online LIVE Workshop

24/11/2020 - 20:00

Join a talk on the topic Enneagram and development levels, with Russ Hudson and Flemming Christensen 


When you enter your personal growth, it seems that the most natural plateau in the development levels in the Enneagram is at level four/three. The lesson of the type is what one gains in the high levels. For example, type 8 would need to consciously learn to master skills such as vulnerability, humility, and would need to be able to apply this in its practice. It's a huge leap in levels if the individual's perception filters become petrified and that awareness basically becomes your assessment.

Russ Hudson and Flemming Christensen go online Live the 24/11 at 20-21.30, and will guide you to gain an understanding of why and how we move on the different plateaus, and how we can apply this new knowledge in our practice to understand the deeper inner dynamics of the Enneagram.


Attend this enriching evening, where you can ask your questions, in a warm and confidence-building space.

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Price for each workshop is 39 US dollars (250 kr. DKK)


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We hope to see you at the Online Workshop



Enneagramekspert Flemming Christensen har podcasten Hverdagspilgrim og udgiver en bog oktober 2018 'Enneagrammet og typernes indbyrdes relationer'. Lyt til podcasten her: Hjemmeside

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Conversation with my teacher – November 2020