Bruce Lipton og hans filosofi

Har du lyst til at læse mere om Bruce Lipton kan du finde et spændende interview med både ham og Gregg Braden på nedenstående links. Jeg har indsat nogle smagsprøver på det han siger undervejs, som jeg synes er dækkende og som giver resonans i mig selv når jeg læser det:

“Your thoughts are not contained in your head — they are a part of the Quantum Field,” Lipton continues. “When playing through your nervous system, the thoughts generate a vibratory field similar to that of a tuning fork. Thought vibrations interact and entangle with harmonically-resonant structures in the Field. Simply, we activate and bring into our lives the things that we think about the most. Psychologists reveal that over 70% of our thoughts are negative and redundant. Do the math!”

As different as they appear to be from one another, all of these sacred traditions say that we are all connected through a Divine Matrix or Essence. And through this field we are each part of one another, part of our world and part of a greater existence they call God. So this Essence is where the marriage of science and spirituality brings us to a greater wisdom, more than science or spiritual traditions can offer alone.

This is not about control or manipulation of our world. This is about participating in the outcome of the healing of our bodies, healing of our families, the peace in our communities and peace between nations, because they are all linked through this Essence, they are all part of the same Field of energy.

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BL: This new science is called epigenetics. It’s been around for about 16 years, but it’s just now being introduced to the general public. For example, The American Cancer Society is an organization that has been looking for cancer genes for the last 50 years or so. But they’ve found that only about 5 percent of cancer has genetic linkage, leaving 95% that is not genetically linked. Recently the American Cancer Society released a statistic that said 60 percent of cancer is avoidable by changing lifestyle and diet. So now they are telling us, “It’s the way you live, it’s not your genes.”

BL: Information from the environment is transferred to the cell via the cell membrane. We used to think that the cell nucleus was the brain of the cell. But in 1985 I discovered that the membrane is actually the brain of the cell. The nucleus, as it turns out, is actually the reproductive center.
The cell membrane (mem-brain!) monitors the condition of the environment and then sends signals to the genes to engage cellular mechanisms, which in turn, provide for its survival. In the human body, the brain sends messages to the cell’s membrane to control its behavior and genetic activity. This is how the mind, via the brain, controls our biology.

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