1-day Intensive Mindfulness Course in Copenhagen

02/02/2019 - 11:00

Join us on 2 February 2019, Saturday between 11 am. and 4 pm and learn all about Mindfulness!


Mindfulness consists of mental exercises through which attention is trained to increase the ability to create an overview and conscious presence. It is one of the most effective tools to prevent and cope with stress, worries and difficult emotions such as sadness and anger, however these are not the sole benefits of Mindfulness.

When we practice Mindfulness regularly, we can achieve greater peace, energy and joy in both our private and professional lives. There is scientific evidence that Mindfulness reduces stress and difficult emotions and increases mental resilience and well-being. People practicing Mindfulness observe positive changes in their daily lives, including strengthened presence in relationships. Mindfulness also creates positive changes in brain areas related to concentration, creativity, joy and stress. 



Who can join this course?

Our 1-day intensive Mindfulness course is suitable for everyone who wish to achieve greater presence and higher quality in life. We also highly recommend this course to those who are looking for ways to prevent and deal with stress and difficult emotions such as anxiety, irritability, sadness and anger.

Previous experience with meditation is not necessary as this course aims at both beginners and the experienced.



At the end of the course all participants:

– are able to practice Mindfulness on their own

– learn useful and short attention exercises

– manage and prevent stress and difficult emotions

– increase the ability to relax

– improve the capacity for decision making

– create harmony between body and mind

– reduce self-criticism and pondering 


Course content:

– Alternation between theory and practice, so that you do not sit long in meditative postures

– Information about stress, stress management and stress prevention

– Formal Mindfulness meditation

– Short attention exercises for stress and worries

– Exercises to create presence in daily life

– Dialogue and exchange of experience

– Coffee / tea, cake and snacks

– Audio files of Mindfulness meditation for usage after the course


Date / Time

2 February 201, Saturday between 11 am. and 4 pm.



Skøjtevej 27E, 2770 Kastrup, København (350 m. from Kastrup metro station).



750 DKK and 450 DKK for students / unemployed / retired.

Course materials, audio files with useful Mindfulness exercises and light snacks, tea and coffee are included in the price. Note that VAT applies to companies. Please note that registering for the courses are mandatory.

You can contact us by mail: info@mindfulnessworkshops.dk 

Website: http://mindfulnessworkshops.dk/intensive-mindfulness-course/

NB You can register directly on the website or by sending us a mail.



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1-day Intensive Mindfulness Course in Copenhagen